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What is a doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional and physical support to the mother as well as to the spouse or partner. They may also provide information and lactation support as needed. While doulas are non-medical companions, they provide huge positive benefits to families. 


What providers have you worked with?

We have worked with midwives as well as physicians at birth centers, home births, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital and Bassett Army Hospital. We are happy to work with whoever you have on your birth team.  All of the providers we have had the privilege to work with have had a positive response towards a family's decision to hire a doula.  


When would you come to be with me during labor?

You can text either of us anytime. If you believe you are going into labor, we will come to join you as quickly as possible.   


How long will you stay with me after birth?

Every case is different, but generally we will stay with you for two hours post birth. 


What methods do you use to help women manage labor pain?

We use aromatherapy, comfort measures, heat, massage, positioning, keep you nourished with food for strength, and help to maintain a calm and stress-free environment.  Comfort has many facets - many times our presence alone is all you need to feel safe so your labor can progress on whatever path it needs to to bring you your baby. 


How do you feel about hospital births, epidurals, and/or cesarean births?

We love hospital births, and we believe there is a time and a place for epidurals and c-sections. We are willing and able to support families no matter what path birth takes or what interventions are needed or chosen by the family.  We can help you navigate those choices based on your desires and risks vs. benefits, we respect your choices and desire to keep the atmosphere positive and encouraging.  


How will you help support my spouse/partner?

Doulas provide emotional and practical support to the mother's spouse or partner as well. We will also help you to process information throughout decisions that need to be made. Doulas give the spouse advice on how to best support the mother, and never intend to replace the spouse's role.


What happened to your doula partner Andrea?

For many years Dawn and Andrea worked as the doula partner dream team.  We  served many wonderful families together and enjoyed our work together very much.  Andrea now works a full time job as a teacher.  Dawn misses her very much.  We are still the best of friends, but don't get to geek out about birth quite as much as we used to!  Andrea is still supporting families locally and from a distance and does that in many diffrent ways not just through birth work.  

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