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Our Vision

We often describe labor as a journey when talking with expecting parents. The Random House College Dictionary defines a journey as "a period of traveling; passage or progress from one stage to another; travel from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time." It's a fitting description.

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We love what we doula.

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As doulas, we strive to help you navigate the trail. We can't predict the exact path of your journey, but we can help you along the way as you encounter obstacles and make unexpected turns. We strive to keep you as physically strong as possible with nourishment and rest, alternating with activity to keep you on your path. We emotionally support your family when the journey is difficult and you feel like giving up. We travel beside you along your way until you reach the end, even when it takes a rather long time. And we pull back and watch in admiration and joy as you realize you have arrived at your destination, yet the journey has only begun.  

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